Here at Pirate House B&B we are very environmentally conscious, and have several key eco features.
  • Heat Exchanger. Whole house ventilation system brings fresh air into every room, warmed by heat removed from room.
  • Sun tube in en-suite (I love this!). Better than a window.
  • South facing glass and stone floor. Stores heat from the day.
  • Pilkington K Glass.
  • All cleaning products used are eco friendly.
  • parabeen free organic toiletries
  • organic white bed linen
  • low carbon electricity supplier

To help reduce your carbon footprint, we can meet you at the train station, allowing you to leave your car at home. This also allows you to enjoy the wonderful scenery as you travel by public transport.

We can even suggest great days out leaving the car at home. Contact us for more details.

We are now really proud to be able to offer you free charging for electric vehicles. North Norfolk has been very short of places to charge electric vehicles. Come and stay at Pirate House B and B and enjoy this lovely area plus the ability to charge your car each day.         (Tethered J17720 Suitable for Nissan Leaf and 70% of electric vehicles)




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